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Migration to Dreamwidth

I think it's time, guys. Time to move this community over to Dreamwidth and mirror back here. It's going to take some time and effort and it's going to basically mean that everyone will need to post on Dreamwidth.

When the change happens, the posts on LJ will be locked for comment, requiring members to post and comment on DW directly instead of posting here and making the mods import back to DW. That's the only way moving the community will work. It doesn't mean you'll have to get a DW account - they allow OpenID posting. But keeping the LJ account "live" will mean that no one will ever really migrate.

Whenever Round 8 begins, it will happen on DW only, but notifications will be crossposted here to LJ.
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Round 8 News

Last month, your mods solicited opinions here and here, on whether we should do the Big Bang or the Reverse Big Bang challenge this year, and the results were conclusive. Artists were eager for the Reverse Big Bang and there was a majority of responding writers who preferred that challenge, too:

As for the start date, May does seem to be the most popular start time:

So, going with the will of the active fandom, Round 8 of the traditional White Collar Big Bang will be on hiatus, and we'll go forward with Round 3 of the White Collar Reverse Big Bang.

The following is a tentative schedule, subject to change before the round opens. The art creation period will be one month and the writing period will be three months, based on the fandom preferences expressed in this poll.

Sign Ups for Artists and Authors Open: May 15, 2017
Artist Check In (not mandatory): June 1, 2017
Artist Sign Ups Close: June 15, 2017
Art Drafts Due: June 20, 2017
Round One Art Up for Claims: Saturday, June 25, 2015 at NOON Eastern
Round Two Art Up for Claims: Depends on unclaimed artwork
Round Three Art Up for Claims: Depends on unclaimed artwork
Author Check in (mandatory): August 15, 2017
Last day for author drop out: September 1, 2017
Pinch hit request: September 2, 2017
Author Rough Drafts Due: Begins September 18, 2017, continues for one week
Challenge Closes, Fics and Finished Art Due: September 25, 2017
Posting Starts: October 1, 2017

As we'll be going forward with the Reverse Big Bang, all further 2017 challenge-related information will be posted solely to the wc_reverse_bb community (this post will be crossposted there as well), so please make sure you're a member of that comm.

Thank you to everyone who'd expressed an opinion (even the person who said the mods should be replaced with someone who could start the round in April, I know you're kidding). It's such a delight to see everyone committed to keeping this fandom alive.
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Another Poll - Challenge Start Dates

The poll for the Big Bang/Reverse Big Bang is still open and if you are interested in participating in either of these challenges, please go and vote HERE.

Thank you to everyone who left comments, particularly those who had concerns about the duration of the challenge. While I'm posting here on the whitecollar_bb site simply because it has more members and a greater reach, some of the questions will be pretty specific to the wc_reverse_bb.

Poll #2063925 Start Dates and Duration

For the traditional Big Bang, should the mods make a serious effort to solicit prompts and have a claiming period?

I need to hear more about this

For the traditional Big Bang, how long should the writing period last?

Three Months
Four Months
Five Months
Six Months
Seven Months (current writing period)

For the traditional Big Bang, how long should the art creation period last

Two Weeks
Three Weeks
Four Weeks (one month)

For the Reverse Big Bang, how long should the art creation period last?

Two Weeks
Four Weeks (one month)
Six Weeks

For the Reverse Big Bang, how long should the writing period last?

Three Months
Four Months
Five Months

The mod's schedule may not permit an April start date, so which would you prefer

Get a new mod and start in April
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Poll - Round Eight on the Horizon

I can't believe it, but Round Eight of the White Collar Big Bang is on the horizon. If we with stick with the traditional April 1 start date, it's just a month away.

When there was always new canon on the horizon, there were a lot of fanwork creators who supported a rich community of challenges. But as time goes by, people become less interested or find new fandoms. That is simply the reality we live in. I currently mod three major White Collar Challenges: The whitecollar_bb, wc_reverse_bb, and the wcpairings exchange. In 2016, the Reverse Bang was put on hiatus and a lot of people had fun with the White Collar Pairings. There were just enough participants for the Big Bang and I have high hopes that the two writers who didn't finish their stories (for understandable reasons) will do so soon.

This poll is to gauge the interest of the fandom in which challenges should go on this year. I'm reluctant to put the granddaddy - the Big Bang - on hiatus, but if more people are interested in the Reverse Big Bang, I would do that. White Collar Pairings would be a supplement to either one of those challenges, not a replacement.

Poll #2063840 White Collar Big Bang Round Eight Option

Which Challenge Would You Be More Likely To Sign Up For As A Writer

White Collar Big Bang (Round 8)
White Collar Reverse Big Bang (Round 3)

Which Challenge Would You Be More Likely To Sign Up For As An Artist

White Collar Big Bang (Round 8)
White Collar Reverse Big Bang (Round 3)

Would You Want to do Both Challenges?


When Should the Next Challenge Round Run

April - November
May - December
June - January
Some Other Timeframe

Would You Sign Up for WC Pairings in addition to a Big Bang-type challenge

Not Sure

Please feel free to make suggestions, comments, words of encouragement in the conments.
  • treonb

Fic: The Fresco Kid

Title: The Fresco Kid
Artist: sheenianni
Author: treonb
Word Count: 10K
Characters/Pairings: Neal & Maria Fiametta
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: AU. Neal joins forces with a new partner in order to steal an ancient fresco that may or may not exist. Part of my "Free As a Bird" 'verse - an AU in which Neal never escaped from prison and never made a deal with the FBI.

Notes: Written for the 7th White Collar Big Bang challenge, inspired by wc_rewatch. The beautiful art accompanying the fic is by the very talented sheenianni. Many thanks to the challenge organizers, without which this fic would never have been written.

Link to the art post Artwork for Story
Link to the fic post LJ or AO3
Drugged Neal

Fic: 1461 Days

Title: 1461 Days
Artist: treonb
Author: citrinesunset
Word Count:
Characters/Pairings: Gen, Neal
Rating: Teen and up
Warnings: Some non-graphic violence. Brief references to sex.
Spoilers: None
Summary: AU: Instead of prisons, convicts are sentenced to serve their sentences in penal colonies. After being convicted of bond forgery, Neal is sent to a small island colony for four years.

Video for the Story
Story on LJ | Story on AO3
P & N - Heartbreak

Fic: Blink of an Eye

Title: Blink of an Eye
Artist: aragarna
Author: reve_silencieux
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Neal, Peter, James, Elizabeth, Mozzie, Jones, June, Sara, Neal/Sara
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Word Count: 21,365
Beta: sherylyn
Summary: In the blink of an eye, life can change, and all your plans crumble to pieces. An alternate beginning to S5 after Peter is arrested, but Neal saves the day—which is not without major consequences that everyone will have to learn how to deal with.
Disclaimer: I took a few liberties with the medical stuff. Deal with it. It’s fiction, people!
Author's Note: Written for White Collar Big Bang 2016. I dusted off an old fic I started a few years ago, and decided to use Big Bang as my motivation to finish it. Thanks to everyone who helped, from sapphire2309, my ever present cheerleader, who brainstormed with me years ago when I first started it, and when I picked it back up this past summer, to aragarna, sheenianni, and sherylyn, who were always there to be a sounding board and so much more.

And of course, thanks so much to aragarna for the beautiful artwork that accompanies this fic! *hugs* It was fun working with you!!

Link to the art post: Artwork for Story
Link to the fic post: Story Post

The darker side

Title: The darker side
Author: nywcgirl
Artist: kanarek13
Word Count: ~10000
Fandom: White Collar
Characters/Pairing: Peter, Neal, Mozzie, Fowler, OC’s
Rating: NC-13
Warning: None
Spoilers: none
Genre: hurt/comfort, Alternate universe, captivity, angels and demons, injuries, good/evil
Summary:. Angels and demons fight a war on our world, a war we are not aware of. Peter is handed a prisoner of war, but doesn´t realize who this creature is. As a Prisoner Of War Demon Neal ends up helping Angel Peter solve a mystery, but can Peter save Neal? And does Neal want to be saved or does he have other plans for our world?

This story is written for the White Collar Big Bang Challenge 2016. The gorgeous art to illustrate this story was made by the ever so talented and generous kanarek13.

Continue to the story on AO3 or LJ.